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The Music of the 77s...

88 (2 CD Reissue)

2000 Produced by Mike Roe for Fools of the World.
Perfect Blues/ I Can't Get Over It/ Wild Blue/ Mary and the Baby Elvis/ Closer/ Where It's At/ The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes & the Pride of Life/ Over Under Sideways Down/ Mercy Mercy/ You Don't Scare Me/ I Could Laugh
The Days to Come/Paint It Black/This Is The Way Love Is/Alone Together/Flowers In The Sand/Snowblind/Outskirts/Woody/Nobody's Fault But Mine/Pick Up The Pieces/Honesty/Dave's Blues/God Sends Quails/Pearls Before Swine/Bridge Of Sighs/Saved

A "killer" live album recorded in the prime of the original 77's abilities in front of a fanatical hometown audience. 88 was originally conceived as a 2-LP follow up to "the Island Record," but got shelved for three years when that deal fell apart. When it finally saw the light of day, courtesy of Brainstorm Records, it was shrunk to a single disc collection featuring material written exclusively by Roe, save for a spirited cover of the Yardbird's "Over, Under, Sideways, Down."

The four new songs ("Wild Blue," "Mary and the Baby Elvis," "Closer" and "Where it's At") are wonderful additions to the Seven's catalog, especially Roger Smith's inspired performance on the B3 on "Wild Blue" and Roe's raunchy, bluesy rave-up on "Closer." The real highlight, however, is the 23-minute-but-passes-in-the-blink-of-an-eye showstopper of "Mercy, Mercy" and "You Don't Scare Me." It brought the house down in 88, and it'll crack your foundation today.by Brad Caviness - 7ball