Sticks and Stones - The 77s

1990 Broken Records

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1. MT
2. Nowhere Else
3. This Is The Way Love Is
4. Perfect Blues
5. Don't, This Way
6. You Walked In The Room
7. The Days To Come
8. The Loop (Instrumental)
9. God Sends Quails
10. Love Without Dreams
11. Do It For Love (Lost Island Treasure)
12. The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes and the Pride of Life (Lost Island Treasure)
13. Pearls Before Swine (Lost Island Treasure)
14. Bottom Line (Lost Island Treasure)

Produced by Michael Roe & Steve Griffith

Mike Roe on guitars and lead vocals.
Mark Tootle on Keyboards, guitars and vocals.
Jan Eric on bass guitars and background vocals.
Aaron Smith on Drums.

The Byrds' Chris Hillman on Mandolin, Bass guitars, and background vocals.
Steve Griffith on bass guitar.
Mark Harmon on bass guitars.

Recorded and Mixed by Steve Griffith & Daryl Zachman.